We are design and built by divers for divers. From the very detail of the structure foundation to the divers comfort. Our dive center is fully equip with an ac-condition classrooms, living rooms with sofa, marine and micro life library, spacious sundeck that over looking the sea and a mini snack bar for your comfort.


Fully accondition and fans, Television sets, white boards, all materials for instructor to conduct their classes

Proper living room
Its for every 1 who a diver or non-diver, We provide satellite Tv, sofa, Hi-Fi system, Some great DVD movie for your entertainment.

Underwater Photo galleries
View some of the great shot from our in house photographers. Universal diver photo collection is for every one to views. For those who are not sure bout certain species, our gallaries will provide info on the marine life via our photography.

Overlooking the sea: After a long day diving, diver can chill, sharing their experience at our balcony that overlooking the sea.

Editing Studio
Our Dive Center is Photographer and videographer friendly. We provide an editing studio for those who brought their camera along with them, We have various editing programme to suit your need. You can even bring along your personal notebook or laptop for your own personal editing. Beside that, if your memory cards ran out of space, we provide the services such as transferring photo data to DVD.

We have 3boat operating.

Bay liner 1
Body and hull : Fully Fiberglass.
Deck and level: 3 compartment and Two Storey
Length : 42 feet
Width : 10 feet
Engine type : HINO (Diesel) 550hp
Speed : 18-20 knot per hour
This boat is for leasure and fun dive. It has a double storey with a sun deck upstair. In front of the boat is covered and it has a snack section, where divers can make their drink in between dives. At the back of the boat is the setting up area.
Other Info: Type of entry : Gaint Strike
Type of exit : Boat Ladder
Usage : Fun and leasure dive
Maximum pax: 20 divers
Trips : Long Distance (Redang and Lang Tengah Island)

Universal 1

Body and hull : Fully Fiberglass.
Length : 24 feet
Width : 4 feet 6 inches
Engine type : Mercury (petrol) 90hp
Speed : 22-24 knot per hour
Type of entry : Back roll
Type of exit : Boat Ladder
Usage : Student and Discover scuba Diving only
Maximum pax: 6 divers
Trips : Short Distance (Perhentian Island)

Universal 2
Body and hull : Fully Fiberglass.
Length : 27 feet
Width : 5 feet 6 inches
Engine type : Yamaha (petrol) 200hp
Speed : 24-26 knot per hour
Type of entry : Back roll
Type of exit : Boat Ladder
Usage : Fun dive and Student only
Maximum pax: 8 divers
Trips : Short Distance (Perhentian Island)

Dive Equipment
Our dive center have 30 sets of equipment. Most of our BCD and Regulator are from MARES. Wetsuit: SEAPRO and BARE, Fins: GULL and MARES, Mask: TUSA

Underwater Photography and Videography
Do you wanna make a memories…? From discover scuba diving to your Open water, from Open Water to Advance Open Water, capture every moment of your memorable time while underwater as well as on the surface with our professional photographer/videographer.

Underwater Digital Camera and Video camera rental
Do you wanna make your own memories…? Learn, experience, the technique of underwater photography from us and bring back home with you a memories.We also provide digital camera and video camera for rental, its only for certified divers that had log more than 30 dives within 2 years.

Free Beverages at Universal diver café
Upon returning from your dive, our tiny little café provides free flow of beverages. Make your own coffee or tea blended with our snacks of the day.

Internet Services
We provide Internet services.

Locker room
Every one will be given a locker


140 Seberang Air Keruh, Pulau Perhentian Besar 22300 Besut Terengganu, Malaysia. Tel :(609) 691 1058
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